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Staff List

Staff at CH Fly Up with Wander
 Doug Alecci
  Land School & Junior High
 Jamie Alfaro-Glover
  Children's House 1 Guide
 Lucinda Anderson   Admissions Director
 Elizabeth Barnard
  Junior High Woodworking
 Ezequiel Bautista
  E1 Spanish Specialist
 Rocio Becerra   Children's House 2 Guide
 Denzel Belin   Junior High Theater Specialist
 Katie Bovee
  Land School Guide, Naturalist, 
  Residential Coordinator
 Jen Bush
  Land School Guide, Animal Care 
  and Level Coordinator
 Ilana Callender
  Children's House/Elementary 1
  Learning Specialist 
 Digna Canchola   Custodial & Maintenance Staff
 Annie DeSutter   Children's House 3 Assistant
 Linda Esteves   Children's House 1 Assistant
 Airreal Felder
  Elementary 2 - Class H Assistant,
  Elementary 2 Level Support
 Sharon Ferraro   Development Director
 Bonnie Furlich   Wellness Coordinator
 Andy Gaertner
  Land School Guide, Garden 
 Katie Haag
  Development Associate,
  Covid Coordinator
 Russ Heitman
  Junior High Field Studies
  (Science) Guide
 Madeline Helling   Elementary 1 - Class C Assistant
 Malinda Holte   Elementary 2 - Class H Guide
 Candy Husemoller
  Elementary 2/Junior High
  Learning Specialist
 Claudette James
  Office Support
 Kenzee Johnson
 Vonny Kleinman
  Lunch/Kitchen and Extended
  Day Coordinator
 Christine Konar-Steenberg
  E1 Reading Support Specialist
 Chris Krueger
  Facilities Manager
 Callie Laz Davis
  Land School Guide, Kitchen
 Kristi MacKay
  Music Specialist - Elementary
 Lacinea McBride
  Elementary 2 - Class F Assistant, 
  Elementary Extended Day
 Juliann McDermott   Elementary 2 - Class G Guide
 Peggy McKenna   Children's House 1 Guide
 Harrison McLean
  Elementary 1 - Class E Assistant,
  Physical Education Assistant
 Leanne Montheard
  French Specialist - Elementary
 Ben Moudry   Head of School
 Angela Mullin
  Office Administrator
 John Mullin
  Elementary 1 - Class E Guide,
  Level Coordinator
 Gina Murray   Children's House 3 Guide
 Sara Nelson
  Junior High Humanities
  (English) Guide
 Dewita Nuryana
  Children's House 2 Assistant, 
  Elementary Extended Day
 Andrea Paulet   Communications Coordinator
 Paul Petroski   Business Manager
 Lucia Possehl
  Children's House Extended Day 
 Ciera Quarterman
  Children's House 3 Assistant,
  Extended Day Assistant
 Elisabeth Raasch
  Children's House Director
 Nadiya Rapp
  Elementary 2 - Class F Guide,
  Level Coordinator
 Lizzy Reeves
  Children's House Guide -
  Movement & Extended Day
 Sarah Richardson
  Research Center Coordinator
 Ivonne Rodriguez
  Equity and Justice Facilitator
 Kris Schaefer
  Junior High Humanities
  (Social Studies) Guide
 Terri Schmidt
  Elementary 1 - Class C Guide
 Courtney Semke
  Elementary 1 - Class D Assistant,
  Children's House Music Specialist
 Kirstin Seterdahl
  Elementary 2/Junior High
  Art Specialist
 Dana Sexton   Elementary 1 Art Specialist
 Zoe St. Mane   Elementary 2 - Class G Assistant
 Geovanni Stavrou
  Physical Education Specialist, 
  Athletic Director
 Suzi Sultana
  Kitchen, Lunch, and Extended 
  Day Assistant
 Joe Thompson   Technology Coordinator
 Elizabeth Woods
  Children’s House Garden/
  Movement/Extended Day Assistant
 Luis Zanabria   Children's House 2 Assistant
 Dave Zdenek
  Junior High Field Studies
  (Math) Guide, Level Coordinator
 April Zoll Close   Elementary 1 - Class D Guide