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Staff List

Staff at the Land School

 Doug Alecci
  Land School & Junior High
 Julissa Ballon   E1 Spanish Teacher
 Elizabeth Barnard
  Junior High Woodworking
 Ashley Beermann
  Children's House 3 Guide
 Katie Bovee
  Land School Guide, Naturalist, 
  Residential Coordinator
 Jen Bush
  Land School Guide, Animal Care 
  and Level Coordinator
 Ilana Callender
  Children's House/Elementary 1
  Learning Specialist 
 Digna Canchola   Custodial & Maintenance Staff
 Tasia Caston
  Junior High Level Support, 
  Extended Day
 Leon Currie
  Children's House 2 Assistant,
  Extended Day
 Annie DeSutter
  Children's House Garden &
  Movement Lead, Extended Day
 Airreal Felder
  Elementary 2 - Class H Assistant,
  Elementary 2 Level Support
 Sharon Ferraro   Development Director
 Bonnie Furlich   Wellness Coordinator
 Andy Gaertner
  Land School Guide, Garden 
 Andrea Galdames
  Elementary 2 - Class F Guide
 Daneen Goncalves
  Interim Communications
 Katie Haag
  Admissions Director, High School
 Noah Hall
  Building Maintenance
 Grace Harper
  Children's House 1 Assistant, 
  Extended Day
 Russ Heitman
  Junior High Field Studies
  (Science) Guide
 Madeline Helling   Elementary 1 - Class C Assistant
 Malinda Holte
  Elementary 2 - Class H Guide,
  Level Coordinator
 Candy Husemoller
  Elementary 2/Junior High
  Learning Specialist
 Audrey Hyland
  Human Resources Manager
 Claudette James
  Office Support
 Isaiah James
  Children's House Level Support,  
  Extended Day
 Agate Kleinhesselink
  Children's House 2 Guide
 Vonny Kleinman
  Lunch/Kitchen and Extended
  Day Coordinator
 Christine Konar-Steenberg
  Children's House 1 Assistant,
  E1 Reading Support Specialist
 Chris Krueger
  Facilities Manager
 Callie Laz Davis
  Land School Guide, Kitchen
 Kristi MacKay
  Music Specialist - Elementary
 Lacinea McBride
  Elementary 2 - Class F Assistant, 
  Elementary Extended Day
 Juliann McDermott   Elementary 2 - Class G Guide
 Peggy McKenna   Children's House 1 Guide
 Harrison McLean
  Development Associate,
  Alumni Engagement
 Megan Mihalchick
 Leanne Montheard
  French Specialist - Elementary/
  Junior High
 Ben Moudry   Head of School
 Angela Mullin
  Office Administrator
 John Mullin
  Elementary 1 - Class E Guide,
  Level Coordinator
 Sara Nelson
  Junior High Humanities
  (English) Guide
 Andrea Paulet   Communications Coordinator
 Paul Petroski   Business Manager
 Laurine Pinaud   Amity Intern
 Tracy Pirozzolo   Children's House 3 Assistant
 Ciera Quarterman
  Children's House 3 Assistant,
  CHED Full-Day Lead
 Elisabeth Raasch
  Children's House Director
 Nadiya Rapp
  Elementary 2 - Class F Guide
 Josiah Rice
  Technology Coordinator
 Sarah Richardson
  Research Center Coordinator
 Kris Schaefer
  Junior High Humanities
  (Social Studies) Guide
 Christian Schnurpel
  CH Garden & Movement and PM
  CHED Assistant, Phy Ed Assistant
 Courtney Semke
  Elementary 1 - Class D Assistant,
  Children's House Music Specialist
 Roberto Serizawa
  Elementary 1 - Class C Guide
 Kirstin Seterdahl
  Elementary 2/Junior High
  Art Specialist
 Dana Sexton
  Elementary 1 Art Specialist
 Owen Slater
  Kitchen Support, Extended Day 
 Zoe St. Mane   Elementary 2 - Class G Assistant
 Geovanni Stavrou
  Physical Education Specialist, 
  Athletic Director
 Suzi Sultana
  Kitchen, Lunch, and Extended
  Day Assistant
 Natah Vang
  Elementary 1 - Class E Assistant
 Anna Weimholt
  Children's House Level Support,
  Extended Day
 Ella Williams
  Elementary and Junior High
  Theater Specialist
 Luis Zanabria   Children's House 2 Assistant
 Dave Zdenek
  Junior High Field Studies
  (Math) Guide, Level Coordinator
 April Zoll Close
  Elementary 1 - Class D Guide