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Lake Country School is open this Fall 2021 with students onsite five days per week. Do you have questions about joining LCS? Review our Admissions pages for more information or contact [email protected]. We look forward to talking with you!

Choosing a school for your child is one of your most important responsibilities as a parent. Do you want your children to be educated in an environment where:

  • their intellectual abilities and self-knowledge grow hand-in-hand?
  • imagination and curiosity are cultivated?
  • critical thinking and competencies flourish?
  • students learn to respect all cultures and all people?
  • teachers care deeply for the whole person who is their student?

Lake Country School is this environment. Lake Country School offers a continuum of Montessori education from preschool (age 3) through junior high (8th grade). While a student can enter or leave Lake Country at any point, the power of a twelve-year Montessori education cannot be underestimated. Read about our school, request an observation, attend our Get to Know Montessori Event, and talk with our faculty, administration and parents. Then decide if Lake Country School is for you and your child. We welcome and encourage your interest as you continue to investigate LCS.

A Child-Centered Learning Environment

A Lake Country School Montessori classroom feels very different from a traditional classroom. Rather than placing a teacher at the center, here you'll find students directing their own activities and learning from one another. In an Elementary classroom, for example, you may observe one student researching Civil Rights leaders while another works at a computer and another dissects a flower with a friend. The teachers circulate throughout the room, observing and coaching individuals or groups. Multi-age classrooms promote collaborative learning, a cornerstone of the Montessori philosophy, and encourage the development of a strong community, in which only one-third of the students change each year. Over three years, a student and teacher create a rich relationship based upon respect, trust and an understanding of learning styles.

Class size is an important component of a Montessori education. Dr. Maria Montessori, who developed the Montessori method, advocated for a class of about 35 students to promote both independence and interdependence. Lake Country's classrooms average 28 students at the Children's House and elementary levels. The junior high level averages 54 students. Teachers are always accessible as students are free to move about the classroom. Montessori classrooms buzz with a variety of activities and conversation. Guidelines for speaking, interrupting, handling the materials and interacting with classmates are established in collaboration between students and the teacher.

Additional information concerning Lake Country School's history, philosophy and programs (Children's House, Elementary, Junior High and Land School) can be found under our About and Programs web pages.

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