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Parent Link is a group of dedicated parents who help provide support and assistance to the school, its students and families. We aim to make families feel welcome, classroom communities feel connected, and staff feel appreciated, all while reaching out to the larger community through hosting events, volunteering, and acting as a liaison between parents and the school. 

Committees: Parent Link consists of 4 different committees: Buddy Families, Volunteer Outreach, Just for Fun, and Room Parents. 

Buddy Family Committee

The Buddy Family Committee is responsible for linking incoming families with current families to start community building. Buddy Families communicate throughout the year and can be a resource to new families who are learning the ropes and getting acquainted with the school. The Committee pairs families, hosts a fall party at school, and shares information via email during the school year. 

Volunteer Outreach Committee

The Volunteer Outreach Committee spearheads the information-gathering parent volunteer survey that is issued at the beginning of the school year and again mid-year. Committee chair Gretchen Pick collects information for the survey, assembles and administer the survey, and collates and reports all data to the appropriate committees and staff members at LCS. The Volunteer Outreach Committee also coordinates Family Days of Service. 

Just for Fun Committee

This entertaining committee is devoted to providing free and fun bonding opportunities for the LCS community throughout the year. In keeping with its name, the Just for Fun Committee has held lemonade stands, Valentine-making parties, hula-hooping and bubble blowing events, and hot cocoa stands.

Room Parents Committee

The Room Parents Committee is responsible for guiding and communicating with the room parents for all classroom at LCS. The committee's focus is geared toward building a closer-knit community among the classroom families and creating good, strong room parent communication between parents and teachers. 

When does Parent Link meet?

Parent Link meets 5 times throughout the school year, on Friday mornings at 9:00am in the E1 conference room (temporarily via Zoom for the 2020-2021 school year). The meetings are open to all parents, and consist of updates from all the committees and occasional updates from staff members. Dates for the current school year are available on the school calendar. 

Do the committees meet separately?

Yes! In addition to attending the 5 Parent Link meetings, each committee hosts meetings throughout the school year that are open to the entire LCS parent community. These meetings are opportunities for parents who cannot attend the regular Parent Link meetings to be involved, share ideas, ask questions, and volunteer for upcoming events. These meetings are also the perfect opportunity to have guest speakers present on different topics with a larger audience and more flexible schedule.

What else?

All parents who are interested have the opportunity to participate in Parent Link on any level. Parent Link also hosts a summer gathering, open to all parents, that highlights the role Parent Link plays at LCS and provides an opportunity for parents to sign up for committees. Email Parent Link for more information.