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Children's House Director
Facilities Manager

Substitute Staff

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume (and/or the completed LCS employment application form), to Angela Mullin, Office Administrator (amullin@lakecountryschool.org) or 3755 Pleasant Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55409. Materials can also be submitted via the online form below. (Substitute Staff applications should be sent to Brooks Cavin, Assistant Principal. See above link for details.)

School Overview

Lake Country School believes and respects young people of all ages and is designed to support them in learning broadly and deeply about the world, their communities, and themselves as they grow and develop. To optimally support the holistic and long lasting development of children and adolescents, it practices and has high fidelity to the Montessori educational philosophy and method. The LCS approach to education provides its students with meaningful experiences that enrich their lives, build their intellect, develop their character, and give them the tools to positively impact communities for the rest of their lives.  

LCS serves approximately 300 children and adolescents ages 3-14 and was founded in 1976 in Minneapolis. It has developed into one of the national leaders in Montessori education because of its integrity, high quality teaching faculty, focus on building community, and outstanding indoor and outdoor learning environments.  It is a place that expects, challenges, and supports all members of the community to be learning and growing in their knowledge and skills through deep and broad learning experiences.  LCS is committed to identifying areas of growth for itself and improving in order to meet its mission, vision, and values.  This ongoing process of growth and development for the school requires all members of the community to work as individuals and collectively to achieve this goal.

One critical area that LCS identified it needs to grow and develop is in its approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion. LCS has always valued and supported diversity, equity, and inclusion, but recently it has taken steps to clearly acknowledge it needs to actively and overtly work against racism and bias in the school, community, and society. Currently, LCS is in the process of building awareness, knowledge, and skills in its faculty and staff in order to meet its objectives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion that are inextricably linked to the school’s mission and values. LCS is committed to taking action each and every day to work against racism and bias in order to truly be a peaceful community for all people.