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Events & Summer Programs


Summer Programs

We invite the entire Lake Country School community to visit the Land School to enjoy the natural surroundings. When you come to the LCS Land School to work in the Community Garden, consider spending the night with your family. You can bring your tent and pitch it in one of several perfect spots. Please email us at [email protected] to check the availability for camping.  

Summer | Student Programs

E2 Farm Camp
E2 Farm Camp is available for up to 10 students who will be in E2 (grades 4–6) as of the upcoming school year. The cost of the camp covers food and lodging, supervision, programming and transportation to the Land School. Details are sent to current families via the Tuesday Memo in the spring. 

Junior High Farm Apprenticeship
Each session is open to up to six students who will be in Junior High (grades 7–8) as of the upcoming school year or who have just graduated. The fee covers the cost of food, lodging and supervision. Students receive a stipend for their work. Details are sent to current families via the Tuesday Memo in the spring. 

Monthly Events

Feeding and watering of farm animals, stocking the birdblind.
Ski trail making and snowshoeing.
Occasional visits by families or small groups to ski, slide, snowshoe, watch birds.

The third JH Farm Stay begins.
Occasional visits by families or small groups to ski, slide, snowshoe, watch birds.
Planning begins for the Lake Country School Plant Sale.

Animal care includes feeding and watering animals, and spring cleaning of their environments.
Family and small group visits are encouraged, especially around the production of Maple Syrup. Watch the Tuesday Memo for updates.
Gardening season begins.

The fourth JH Farm Stay begins.
Plant sale orders are finalized and the greenhouse work is in full swing - making soil mix, seeding flats, thinning and weeding, potting on growing plants, labeling, and so on.
If the soil is ready, April is a perfect time to spread compost, prepare the garden soil, and plant cover crops.

Animal Care continues with sheep sheering, pen clean up and the establishment of pasture areas for the sheep and llamas using electric fence.
The Community Garden is planned and most of it is planted, including onions, leeks, greens, flowers, lettuce, broccoli, squash, potatoes, tomatoes, root crops, cucumbers, and so on. Projects include spreading compost, mulching, planting, removing quack grass from the garden areas, and laying out the garden.
Planting Festival takes place.

End-of-the year outings by E1 and E2 classes that include ceremonies, planting, and hikes.
There is a second Community Work Day for families to help finish the planting.
Junior High apprentices come for a week at a time.

July is a good month to come out and camp as a family. The woods are cool and there are usually berries of some sort ready to pick.
There is an endless amount of important garden work including planting of fall crops, weeding, and harvesting.
Junior High apprentices are hard at work.

August is a perfect month for family visits. Camping is great.
Tomatoes, sweet corn, and peppers come into season.
There is a lot of rewarding work to be done harvesting summer crops and weeding fall crops.

Small groups of E2 and E1 students come out and help with Thursday harvests.
Several classes take day trips and/or overnights.
Family visits are encouraged as the fall colors begin.

The Harvest Festival is celebrated.
Honey is bottled and prepared for sale.
The first JH Farm Stay begins and hosts a Halloween event.
The Garden harvesting is finished and the Garden is put to bed. Cover crops are sown.

November / December
Farm Stay 1 concludes in November. Farm Stay 2 takes place during the month of December.
The Annual Holiday Craft Fair, hosted by Farm Stay 2, takes place in mid-December