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Events & Summer Programs


We invite the entire Lake Country School community to visit the Land School to enjoy the natural surroundings throughout the year. 

Summer | Student Programs

E2 Farm Camp
This camp will deepen your connection to the Land School and with classmates through morning stewardship work and afternoon land-based explorations and activities, including animal care, work in the garden, and other summer fun! E2 Farm Camp is available for students who will be in E2 (grades 4–6) in the upcoming school year. The cost of the camp covers food and lodging, supervision, programming and transportation to the Land School. Details are sent to current families via the Tuesday Memo in the spring.

Junior High Farm Apprenticeship
This one of a kind opportunity to deepen connections with the land and peers through stewardship of Land School. Participants will learn new life skills, develop a stronger work ethic, and become more independent as they support the Land School, earn a wage, and spend time with friends. There is group work in the morning and independent work in the afternoon. It is a perfect way for a young adolescent to spend a week of their summer! For students entering Junior High or graduating this spring. The fee covers the cost of lodging, supervision and some food. Students receive a stipend for their work. Details are sent to current families via the Tuesday Memo in the spring.

The Land School Year


  • Feeding, watering, and ongoing care of farm animals
  • Bird watching and participating in Citizen Science through Project FeederWatch at the Bird Blind
  • Skiing, sledding, snowshoeing
  • The third JH Farm Stay begins (February)
  • Planning begins for the Lake Country School Plant Sale
  • Wednesday going-out van opportunities (weekly) 
  • Prune fruit trees 
  • Place seed order


  • Animal Care includes sheep shearing, pen clean up and the establishment of pasture areas for the sheep and llamas using electric fencing.
  • Family and small group visits are encouraged, especially around the production of Maple Syrup in late March-early April. Watch the Tuesday Memo for updates.
  • The fourth JH Farm Stay begins in April and hosts a Spring Festival in May
  • The gardening season begins. Plant sale orders are finalized and the greenhouse work is in full swing - making soil mix, seeding flats, thinning and weeding, potting on growing plants, labeling, and so on. If the soil is ready, April is a perfect time to spread compost, prepare the garden soil, and plant cover crops.
  • In late spring, the Community Garden is planned and most of it is planted, including onions, leeks, greens, flowers, lettuce, broccoli, squash, potatoes, tomatoes, root crops, cucumbers, and so on. Projects include spreading compost, mulching, planting, removing quackgrass from the garden areas, and laying out the garden.
  • Observation of nesting birds through Project NestWatch
  • E1 classes come for a 3-day overnight trip to the Land School and E2 classes come for day trips, to partake in stewardship and environmental education.
  • Wednesday going-out van opportunities (weekly) 


  • Feeding, watering, and ongoing care of farm animals
  • Junior High Apprentices and E2 Farm Campers enjoy the land and carry on the summer work of the Land School for a week at a time 
  • Garlic Festival (July) and Community Work Days (see calendar for details)
  • Berry picking
  • There is an endless amount of important garden work including planting of fall crops, weeding, and harvesting. Tomatoes, sweet corn, and peppers come into season.
  • Beehive tending


  • Feeding, watering, and ongoing care of farm animals
  • Land School Farmers Market at the Urban Campus Parking Lot, Tuesdays from the end of August through October
  • Each E1 Classroom comes to the Land School in the fall, preparing them to plan small group Going Outs and becoming familiar with our Rural Campus. 
  • Each E2 class digs into stewardship projects and land exploration for at least one day visit and a 3-day overnight in the fall
  • Wednesday going-out van opportunities (weekly) 
  • Annual Harvest Festival (early October)
  • Honey is bottled and prepared for sale
  • Harvest of Storage Crops and Food Preservation. The garden is put to bed and cover crops are sown. Harvest Baskets are assembled by students to share the bounty of the season with the LCS community.
  • The first JH Farm Stay begins and hosts a Halloween event (October)
  • Farm Stay 2 takes place during the month of December. The Annual Holiday Craft Fair, hosted by Farm Stay 2, takes place in mid-December.