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LCS Community Garden

The Lake Country Land School includes a Community Garden and all LCS families are encouraged to come throughout the season to experience the joy of working in the gardens and being on the land. Herbs, vegetables, and flowers are grown on four acres of land using sustainable farming practices. LCS students and families gain hands-on knowledge of these practices as they participate in the planting, care, and harvest of the crops. Produce is available to all LCS families throughout the school year at the urban campus market stand.
“The work of the soil is an introduction to nature and civilization.” - Maria Montessori


Garden Steward Program FAQs

Who is a member of the Land School Garden Program, and what does membership mean?
All LCS families and staff receive membership to the Land School Garden Program. Membership means being able to shop throughout the school year at produce markets, being able to camp free of charge at the Land School, having the opportunity to earn incentives at Saturday workdays, and having the option to participate in the market's credit system. Members can also choose to be on an email list to receive reminders about upcoming Saturday workdays, school year markets, and other Land School events. The Land School blog is another place to continually look for updates from the farm.

When and where are the produce markets?
Weekly, from the end of August through the end of October, produce is available at the urban campus Tuesday afternoons between 4-6pm. There will also be periodic markets throughout the remainder of the school year, where produce grown in the Land School hoop-house or preserved in the root cellar will be available.

What is the credit system?
While cash or checks can always be used to purchase Land School produce, there is also an optional credit system available to Lake Country School families. Credits are good for the duration of one school year, and can be used at fall, winter, and spring markets, as well as to purchase fall Harvest Baskets and items from the Land School store, leftover credit being non-refundable. LCS families can come to the school office at the urban campus to purchase credits.

How can I get involved at the Land School? 
All LCS families are invited to Tuesday workdays throughout the summer. Those who participate will earn market credits and also go home with a bag of Land School produce. Join us to help with farm work and enjoy a potluck meal. Give us a call when you are coming to help - 715-265-7770.