George Adams   Land School Facilities
 Doug Alecci   Outdoor Learning Environment
 Lucinda Anderson   Admissions Director
 Elizabeth Barnard   Junior High Woodworking Specialist
 Jen Bush   Land School Program Manager
 Digna Canchola   Custodian
 Hari Capra   Extended Day Staff
 Dana Caron   Children's House Guide
 Brooks Cavin   Assistant Principal
 Airreal Felder   Elementary 2 Support, Extended Day Staff
 Jay Fenner   Elementary 1 Support
 Carolyn Fisk   E2/JH French Specialist, HS Counselor
 Andy Gaertner   Land School Farm Manager/Teacher
 Jamie Alfaro-Glover   Extended Day Staff
 John Hall   Facilities Manager, Maintenance
 Russ Heitman   Junior High Field Studies Guide
 Malinda Holte   Elementary 2 Guide, Level Coordinator
 Candy Husemoller   Learning Specialist
 Antonio Jurado   Technology Coordinator
 Barb Kitze   Research Center Director
 Vonny Kleinman   Lunch, Certified Food Manager, Extended Day Staff Coordinator
 Christine Konar-Steenberg    Children's House Guide
 Courtney Semke   Elementary 1 Support
 Aida Lewis   Children's House/E1 French Specialist
 Aaron Lockridge   Children's House Guide
 Lisa Martinez   Development Assistant
 Juliann McDermott   Elementary 2 Guide
 Peggy McKenna   Children's House Guide, Level Coordinator
 Rachel Morris   Children's House Guide
 John Mullin   Elementary 1 Guide
 Angela Mullin   Office Administrator
 Sara Nelson   Junior High Humanities Guide
 Dewita Nuryana   Extended Day Staff, Children's House Assistant
 Casey Patrick   Elementary 1 Support, Physical Education Support
 Andrea Paulet   Communications Coordinator
 Angie Perlinger   CH Outdoor Environment, Midday/Extended Day Coordinator
 Paul Petroski   Business Manager
 Ciera Quarterman   Children's House Assistant, Extended Day Staff
 Elisabeth Raasch   Children's House Guide
 Nadiya Rapp   Elementary 2 Guide
 Callie Laz Davis   Land School Kitchen Manager/Teacher
 Sarah Richardson   Elementary 2/Junior High Music & Drama Specialist
 Ivonne Rodriguez   Children's House Assistant
 Misty Rowan   Extended Day Staff
 Kris Schaefer   Junior High Humanities Guide, Level Coordinator
 Patricia Schaefer   Junior High Latin Specialist
 Terri Schmidt   Elementary 1 Guide
 Kirstin Seterdahl   Elementary 2/Junior High Art Specialist
 Kimberly Sims   Office Receptionist, Health Liaison
 Geovanni Stavrou   Physical Education Specialist
 Dave Zdenek   Junior High Field Studies Guide
 Paulette Zoe   Principal
 April Zoll Close   Elementary 1 Guide, Level Coordinator

Mission Statement

Lake Country School is a Montessori learning environment that fosters independence, critical thinking, and creativity within each child. We are a community that promotes diversity and inclusion, as well as respect and responsibility to self, to others, and to the earth.

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