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Trail Guides


Farmstead Trails

Sunlit Maple (.2 miles)
This popular trail is close to the Farmstead and is the perfect length for a short family walk. It starts in the forest, passes by the sugar shack and ends at the Tree of Life.

Orchard (.2 miles)
This trail starts at either the Lodge or the Farmstead. It curves around the orchard and the beehives, and connects to the Bluebird Prairie Trail.

Bluebird Prairie Loop (.3 miles)
This beautiful trail meanders through a meadow and past the bluebird nesting boxes, creating great opportunities to see and hear wildlife. It is a great family walk as it loops back to the Sunlit Maple Trail.

Winding Ridge (.75 miles)
This trail is both wooded and open. From the Farmstead, it winds along a ridge to the Sleeping Woods and Succession trails along the southern and western borders of the property. It crosses a dried creek bed, goes up Strawberry Hill and follows a tractor path to the highest point on the property.

Retired Pasture (.2 miles)
This trail connects the Farmstead to the Lodge. It runs through an old wooded pasture and opens out onto a field at the Lodge driveway.

Other Trails

Succession Loop (.75 miles)
Beginning at the Tree of Life, this loop trail follows a tractor path along an open field and into a meadow. Farther along, the woods become more dense. This trail features an educational trail guide which points out glacial rocks, types of trees and specific topography of the watershed.

Sleeping Woods Trail (.75 miles)
The most rugged and wild trail, it follows the western boundary of the property as well as the western boundary of Dunn County. It meanders through the woods, across a creek bed where parts of an old Ford car remain, and ends at the Old Lodge Trail.

Old Lodge Loop (.5 miles)
Beginning at the end of the Pond Trail, it follows the farm fields west until the Old Lodge area. The trail cuts through an old raspberry patch, a meadow, the site of the original home, and ends with a beautiful view of all of the Lodge and surrounding hills.

Pond’s Magic Meadow (.6 miles)
This trail begins at the Lodge driveway, passes the bird blind and continues around the pond branching off to the Upper and Lower trails. Both trails are wooded, they converge at a pretty open meadow and end winding through a wooded area with beautiful spring flowers.

Trail Highlights

Land School Loop (2.5 miles)
This loop incorporates a number of trails which form the perimeter of the property. It is a great hike to see wonderful views and to feel nestled in the woods.

100 year old Trees
The Land School has three notable ancient trees, the Tree of Life (top of Strawberry Hill), the Great Oak (top of Bluebird Prairie Trail) and the Climbing Tree (end of Sleeping Woods Trail).

Bird Blind
The Pond’s Magic Meadow Trail contains the bird blind with a wonderful view of the pond and all sorts of spectacular birds. This is a wonderful place to come with family or to be alone.